Alida Pantone



Within the entertainment and communication since 1999, Alida Pantone has had a highly versatile profile. Degree in Communication, Publishing and Multimedia Journalism at "Sapienza" University of Rome. She's been working as a webmaster, journalist, copywriter, speaker on national and international radio, theatrical assistant director, production assistant for a music and recording management, social media manager, actress and more.

Director of the “London Rolling Film Festival” and founder of the Actors co-op “Pro-Actors London” (P.A.L.), Alida Pantone is also a Producer (“Miss Julia”, “The Guest”, “Series of Stories”) and Director (“The Guest”). 

She recently worked as Production Manager on “The Glove” by Luisa Pretolani and “You’ve Got to be Kitting Me” by AJ. Lamb (both in post-production).