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Once you remember the music of Superman, he begins to fly about your mind, and if you loved that film, the rest of it will pour out in front of you, as you continue to hum the theme. As you remember the sound of a warm female voice singing in unknown words against a soft orchestra, this is the moment you might see Maximus, “The Gladiator”, palm through the wheat fields of his dreams…


Our music preludes serve as touch stones to the stories given to you by Screen Rebels. The music preludes to each script also works to frame and enhance the experience of the reading, to showcase the power of music upon the audience


Dan Weismayr

Daniel Weismayr is a Brighton-based music composer. He has produced a catalogue of instrumental concept albums, and composed for a number of short films, animations and visual art projects. His music balances electronic textures, melodic layers and rhythmic patterns, and is often inspired by conceptual themes or creative narrative.

Nina Danon

Nina Danon is a franco-italian musician, composer and sound artist. Fascinated from an early age by the relationship between music and other forms of art to create emotions, she graduated in classical piano from the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia of Rome, and later moved to Berlin to assist film composer and audiovisual artist Henning Lohner from Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions. 


Nina currently works in London, where she recently completed a MMus in Sonic Arts at Goldsmiths College, with a research focus on how the perception of motion in sounds and paintings can transmit emotions. To facilitate this research and assist others who wish to undertake similar investigations of their practice, she co-founded Breadknives, a cultural art platform that attempts to lower the barriers between different artistic disciplines. 


Below you'll find a playlist of Nina's original compostions.



James Wilkie

My first experience of music was an extremely loud electric guitar that I had no idea how to play, but loved the sound of. I've gone from there to rock bands, Jazz at Berklee College of Music, to film scores in Los Angeles. I have just completed a masters in Sonic Arts at Goldsmiths. I have worked on projects that demands my love of sound and music.


Below you'll find a short play list of James' original compostions. 

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