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Screen Rebels Episode VII


Our story synopsis for our seventh showcase in London. 

Teenager, Richard Dee, awakens from a coma with no memory of who he is and where he’s from. Plagued by nightmares and a mysterious voice who taunts him within his mind, he must survive in a society scourged by a wave of occultist terror in a new age of superstition. He will need to learn who to trust and overcome his fears if he’s to discover the secrets of his traumatic past. 


The exasperating Wellington Family, miss the coach taking them on a holiday of a lifetime raft tour. Finding themselves abandoned on a remote Slovenian river, they argue and pilfer their way to survival under the contradictory influences of their unethical mother, Frankie, and their virtuous but ineffectual father, Steve.



Melody Archer,a young treasure hunter, is on her deadliest quest yet: find the lost Inca City, Paititi. She’s determined to find the fabled Sunstone, rumoured to possess supernatural powers, deep within its ancient halls.  If Melody is to survive the dangers of this lost world, she will have to overcome her fears and insecurities in a race against time and her former mentor, the mercurial, Daniella Silva. 


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