The Screen Rebels Concept

Within the complex apparatus of the Cinema Industry, screenplays are often seen as a mere blue print for the director to interpret and expand into a visual form. In many cases, the original vision of the writer becomes diluted by the demands of production, market, or simply by the creative egos involved in the process.

However, many screenwriters believe that their work isn't just a blue print, but a unique work of literature which is meant to instruct the director in the search of an audiovisual narrative, but also to entertain and compel the reader through the pages, to generate a visual narrative in the reader’s mind.

It's at this eye of the whirlwind where imagination can run wild, where the budget and practical concerns don't cut into the narrative vision. It's here we can pre visualise the writer's ambition. William Goldman, Leigh Brackett, and recently Tarantino believe in the literary importance of the text - that it deserves to be read and performed for its own sake.

Following this premise, Screen Rebels presents an opportunity for the screenwriter to take primacy in the creative performance of the story. The event will consist in theatrical performances of short film scripts, potential radio plays, and even full length features, featuring a cast of actors to dramatise the stories. The aim is to create the experience of the film without the screen.

Furthermore, we want to establish a regular networking event where writers, producers, directors and actors will be able to meet with the view of forming partnerships to take these scripts to the screen or the radio. We want to promote writers and actors and create opportunities for their skills to be witnessed.


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