The Backseat, an Independent Feature, starring Craig Kelly

As part of our regular updates in Rebel Writer, we'll take the opportunity to highlight works and activities of our actors and writers who are part of our community.

Today's post focuses on The Backseat.

This is a feature starring Craig Kelly, who will be performing in Screen Rebels' first showcase on the 23rd of November.

One of two features that Craig has recently worked on, The Backseat is currently on the festival circuit. It's been doing brilliantly in competitions, recently winning the award for Best Comedy at the Laughlin International Film Festival.

Written and Directed by Ryan O'Leary, it's a comedy / coming of age story about high school love, punk rock, and haemorrhoids!!


The story revolves around High school social outcasts Roy Offerman (Chris Bellant) and Larry DiMarco (Craig Kelly). They struggle struggle to find a drummer for their new punk rock band, Witness My Jehovah. As Roy will learn, sometimes finding the answer to one problem only brings about a host of others. Immediately after finding a drummer, Roy is plagued by a raging case of hemorrhoids. This causes his parents to be confused about his sexuality, and starts up all sorts of new rumors at school. In the most unexpected place, Roy meets his dream girl Samantha. As Roy and Sam's relationship develops, Witness My Jehovah lands their first big gig at a local music venue. When things don't go as planned, Roy is faced with some of the biggest decisions he'll ever have to make.

Craig has this to say about his character:

'I play Larry DiMarco. The leads best friend. I am the leader of the band, I have a high expectations for our terrible band. Always working on getting gigs and practice together. I'm a Scottish/American character. Born in Scotland brought up in New Jersey. Because of that I have a pretty wide filthy vocabulary i use throughout the film.'

You can check out the film's trailer here

For further information about the film check out the link at IMDB

Also to catch up with the movie maker's journey check them out at their Facebook page


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