Rehearsals for Event One

Every story has a beginning. Every hero has a journey to undertake.

For Screen Rebels a significant milestone in that journey happened on Saturday. For the first time a really wonderful group of talented actors rehearsed together the three stories we'll be showcasing on Sunday the 23rd November at The Proud Archivist.

Kyra Williams, Craig Kelly, Rosie Frecker and Alex McConnell brought to life the characters and situations that have existed in the writers' minds and in their scripts for the last several months and the last year. For the writers it has been a really precious experience to discover how their stories sound, a unique opportunity for them to discover new aspects to their characters and conflicts from the actors who are playing them. It's no cliche to say that this is where the magic happens. We really hope you'll be able to share this alchemy with us on Sunday!

From left to right: Craig Kelly, Rosie Frecker, Alex McConnell and Kyra Williams.


Some rehearsal shots, discussions about character and story. A nervous and quite possibly nailbiting time for writers as actors dig deep into the script.



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