A Video Interview with actor, Kyra Williams.

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We're very happy to present our second video interview.

Today we talk to Kyra Williams.

Kyra, is a London based actor, who has worked in film, theatre (both West End and Off West End), radio and has a keen interest in new writing.

She was a co-founder of both The Collective (an actor’s workshop group) and The Little London Theatre Co which was set up as a platform for new writing and new adaptations of existing plays.

In addition to her acting work, Kyra has also established a website: The Actors Guide To London. A beautifully written and organised site, featuring areas of interest to the profession in London.

Kyra performed in our very first showcase and received a wonderful reception from the audience.

Kyra displayed an incredible versatility and nuance to a diverse and eclectic range of characters. How many people are there, who are able to bring to life a bereaved mother in one moment, then a love doll brought magically to life, and then for a finale; a frustrated New York singer, who had taken a baker's dozen wrong turns in her life? Very few in our not so humble opinion.

Kyra has a keen insight into the process of creating and interpreting character, we really hope you'll find our interview with her as illuminating as we did.

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