Rebel Focus: Shutterbug written by Harriet Beaney

Shutterbug is a coming of age drama about young relationships, sexual identity and a mysterious bouquet of red roses. This story spins around the trials and tribulations of early twentysomethings, exploring their insecurities and fears. It’s a frank portrait of the unsatisfactory lives of contemporary young people.

The talented writer, Harriet Beaney, participating for the first time in Screen Rebels, has written an outstanding script, inspired by writers such as John Michael and Hossein Amini. However, the tone of Shutterbug is in the key of the extremely successful HBO series Girls and the controversial Blue is the Warmest Colour.


The narrative focuses on Robyn, a young woman still living a student life, who is planning to go to Jamaica to reunite with her family, a trip she considers essential for her personal development as she’s going to get in touch with her roots. The story kicks off with Robyn finding a bouquet of roses at the entrance of her bedroom, and begins her search to discover who left such a significant gift.

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The story explores interesting themes, the style is very refreshing, it’s both quirky and a bittersweet. Every single character has realistic problems that the audience can easily relate to and understand. They have distinctive voices, personalities and particular motivations. The story contains well-crafted dialogue that help to make the characters special. Harriet’s keen observational writing has forged a well realised world about the difficult experiences that people have when facing real adult decisions for the first time in their life.

The script is original and unique. Harriet has done an incredible job adapting her vision for Screen Rebels’ live performance format. We really hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have in nurturing the script through development and rehearsals.

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