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Lorenzo Fantini

LORENZO FANTINI is an English - Italian Writer / Director and Artist with 15 years experience of independent creative projects in Tokyo. He has worked with many international artists / performers / film makers in a wide variety of Theatre / Fine Art and Film Activities.


Lorenzo is noted for his lilliputian micro writing artworks which he began in 2004 and continued through to 2010 in a series of joint and solo exhibitions in galleries and exhibition spaces in Tokyo.


He co-founded LAFAN Productions Team in 2009 with fellow film-maker / artist Alessandro Fantini. Together in early 2010 the partnership resulted in the Independent movie, Edonism; a surrealistic sci-fi thriller set in Tokyo.


In 2011 Lorenzo wrote and directedThe Ballad of Harper Lee and Dickie.A supernatural thriller, the characters have further appeared in Screen Rebels plays in 2015 and 2016. In 2012 he co-directed along with Creative Director Richard Grehan of imageMill on the modern vampire movie named, Night Rain, which he also scripted.


On returning to the UK, he completed an MA Program in Screenwriting at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Upon graduation in 2014 he founded Screen Rebels, beginning a series of eight sell out showcases over the next year and half at The Proud Archivist in East London.

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