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Love Bites showcases three 25 minute screenplays that celebrate the trials and tribulations of modern love. Written by London-based emerging writers, each screenplay plunges into the heart of every wonderful, bitter and twisted emotion you've ever experienced.

Jack's Cured Heart ...
A Neo Noir bunny boiler. Don't die for love, just kill.
Written by Lorenzo Fantini

Bill's Birds
This is a story about one man and his birds. No pun intended.
Written by Rosie Frecker

A Dystopian Fairytale. 'In a world without music, what would you do for a song?'
Written by Kai Henderson

If you're looking for a night out filled with romance, thrills and comedy laughs, fuelled by great performances and a friendly atmosphere, then come and join us at the Phoenix Artist Club.

Featuring the acting talents of:
Amy Alexander, Rosie Frecker, Kai Henderson, David Hepburn, Michal Horowicz, Deborah Kearne, JB Newman, Alice Offley, Alida Pantone, David Patrick Stucky and Amelia Sweetland.

Presented by London's funniest lady:
Kelly Convey
Stand-Up Comedian **So You Think You're Funny 2016 FINALIST** - **Funny Women 2016 SEMI-FINALIST** - **Leicester Square New Comedian 2016 - SEMI-FINALIST**

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