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REBiRTH showcases 3 contrasting short screenplays that explore identity, new life, and why we choose to reinvent ourselves in a rapidly changing world. Written by emerging London-based writers, our stories combine to create a hugely entertaining night for fans of film, theatre and everything in between! Our... events are followed by an opportunity to meet the cast, writers and production team in a relaxed, social environment. What are you waiting for?

Persephone: A Frankenstein Story
Survived? It's what we do. That and dying. It makes us human.
A Sci-fi Horror / Written by Kai Henderson

The Dark Caller at 7:31
You can't just contact the other side and not pay the toll.
A Supernatural Thriller / Written by Lorenzo Fantini

Welcome to the Treatment Plant!
An adventurous tomato challenges life on a sewage plant. She may be equipped with the perfect escape plan  but sadly not the bravest team.

An Animated Grown-Up Comedy / Written by Dilpreet Kaur Walia

If you're looking for a night out filled with laughs, scares and food for the brain, fuelled by great performances and a friendly atmosphere, come and join us at the Phoenix Artist Club.

Featuring the acting talents of:
Aaron Cyrus-Ward, Alida Pantone, David Hepburn, David Patrick Stucky, Hannah Wilder, Kai Henderson, Les Cochrane, Melanie Radloff, Michelle Zahner, Rosie Frecker, Tânia Pais Monteiro and Véronique Piercy.

Hosted by top London comedian KAYLEIGH CASSIDY
Kayleigh Cassidy is a stand up comedian and clown who can be found at various London venues playing silly songs about ex-boyfriends on her ukelele. Kayleigh recently won the Rising Star Comedy Award for her musical comedy and has been a finalist in Barcelona’s funniest Ficer awards 3 years in a row. She hosts her own comedy night at The Pilgrim pub in Kennington.

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