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Screen Rebels Showcase: Episode IV


Our fourth showcase will present especially adapted short film screenplays for a live performance.


In the near future, Dr Iain Harrison, a driven scientist, is about to embark on one of mankind's greatest scientific achievements: first teleportation. The lack of knowledge of this fringe science, however, will prove costly and Iain will haave to risk everything to surivive if he is to see his beloved wife, Anna, again. A sci-fi drama in the tradition of the classic anthology show, The Twilight Zone.


A nameless European city becomes the battleground in the renewed cold war. Anastasia, a resourceful fashion student, dreams of her super spy boyfriend, Idris Indigo, spiriting her away to the west, but a deadly web of intrigue will force her to question what’s reality and what is fantasy.



In the middle of a holiday trip, Marc, starts experiencing intense hallucinations and is determined to find out whether they are really happening or just vivid dreams product of his imagination. In his search for the truth, he will discover a hidden secret about his marriage.

When a middle age couple throw their first swingers party they are disappointed to find only one other couple in their forties show up, worse yet, there are existing tensions. A cheeky comedy about intimacy in your middle years, growing older ungracefully and the difficulties of monogamy.



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