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Screen Rebels Episode VI


Our story synopsis for our sixth showcase in London. 

Maurice, agoraphobic hipster chocolatier, has made his East London Cocoa Cafe his castle, but it’s also become his prison. When the cafe comes under attack during an anti-gentrification riot, a Princess Leia chocolate sculpture isn’t the only thing to crack; a growing rift with business partner, Eamon, splits wide open. Matters are made worst when a conniving journalist investigates ethical concerns over their business, threatening to destroy everything Maurice has built … 


Alleghra, a maverick psychiatrist, is developing a method to erase negative subconscious imprints by inflicting pain and pleasure on her subjects in a sexual trance. Subjugated by his mother, Declan is the perfect man-child for Alleghra’s experiment. But matters are complicated by Alleghra’s past relationships with Declan’s mother, Miriam, and brother, Tim. Can Alleghra succeed in detaching Declan from his domineering mother and prove her theory?  

New girl at Brighton’s raunchiest nightclub, Merc, finds herself reunited with Rami, the unrequited love from her past, from before she begun her transformation from being a man to a woman. Now, within reach of fulfilling her all her desires, Merc, confides her secret to Club Manager Julia. But unbeknownst to Merc, Julia has designs on Rami herself, and sets in motion a trap to destroy Merc’s dreams. 


In Belle Époque Paris, failed artist Vincenzo is fooled by nationalist politician, Pietro Conti and ends up stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre, hoping his audacious act of protest will transform the political landscape for a generation. Matters are complicated when The Mona Lisa comes alive and Vincenzo falls in love with her. She challenges his beliefs and puts him at a crossroads: he has to choose between nationalistic terrorism and art.


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