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The Showcase Event. 



Three Screenplays especially adapted for live

performance, brought to life by a wonderful cast with evocative narration for you to imagine and direct the movie with your minds.  


We'll begin the evening with welcome drinks from

the cash bar  We really want to create a warm and friendly environment so that you can meet fellow writers, actors, film makers and enthusiasts. 


Each of our showcases will be MC’d by some of London's funniest ladies. During  Love Bites we had the honour  of Kelly Convey’s scintillating presence to   introduce you to Screen Rebels exciting new chapter.  

Each performance will last between 20 - 30 minutes.


For April’s ReBiRTH Showcase, we’re delighted to  to welcome Kayleigh Cassidy.

Kayleigh  Cassidy 



Kayleigh Cassidy is a stand up comedian and clown who is a newbie to London circuit. She can be found at various venues across the city playing silly songs about ex boyfriends on her ukelele. She hosts her own monthly comedy night at The Pilgrim pub in Kennington past ones include: TLC Tinder Loving Care and The World is your Oyster…Card. In the past she has won the Rising Star Comedy Award for her musical comedy and has been a finalist in Barcelona’s Funniest Ficer awards 3 years running. She is the right amount of mental and as a comedian takes risks and stays true to her self and her mind. Improvisation comedy has opened doors to the adventure of live comedy. She performs musical comedy under the name Uke-a-Kayleigh, Improvisational comedy with CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation and character comedy as Julie From The Library, Regina fortunately (a passionate fortune teller) and Rain Fall An-An an American poet.


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