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Screenplays are unique works of literature, they're designed as a blue print for a director to interpret and expand into a visual form for the mass audience; it'll take thousands, millions of dollars in many cases, often the vision of the writer becomes diluted and obfuscated by the demands of production, market, and creative egos. 


Successful movies create a natural curiosity into the origins of the story, how did the idea first find that spark that lit the flames of a great work? How did things change and evolve? What were those pure visions originally like? Recently The Star Wars, the original draft of Star Wars was adapted into a graphic novel to satisfy fans who've been obsessed with learning the origins of the archetypes that have shaped their imaginations. Tarantino performed The Hateful Eight as a dramatic read through. Increasingly the read through of a script has been publicised and considered a crucial milestone in the magical process of script to screen. 


It's an opportunity for the screenwriter to take primacy in the creative performance of their story. Many a screenwriter will tell you their work isn't just a blue print, but also a work of literature, a unique form, that's meant to instruct but also entertain and compel the reader through the pages to form a visual mental narrative. 

It's at this eye of the whirlwind where imagination can run wild, where the budget and practical concerns don't cut into the narrative vision, it's here we can pre visualise the writer's ambition. William Goldman, Leigh Brackett, and recently Tarantino believe in the literary importance of the text - that it deserves to be read and performed for its own sake. 


Screen Rebels Showcase believes in delivering on this promise. Each event will present short film scripts, potential radio plays, and even full length features, featuring a cast of actors to dramatise and create in the imaginations of the audience the movie without the screen. 


We want writers, producers, director and actors to be able to meet, network, with the view of forming partnerships to take this scripts to the screen or the radio. We want to help raise the profile of actors and writers, and create a regular opportunity for their skills to be witnessed. 

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