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Screen Rebels Showcase: Episode II


Our second showcase will present especially adapted short film screenplays for a live performance.


When Harry, a car mechanic and family man, receives a special brithday gift from his wife; teeth whitening treatment, his whole life is bizarrely turned upside down. Instead of entering a dental clinic, he ends up in the most unexpected place. The resulting encounter makes him self-aware of his submissive personality and causes him to challenge everything he's been in his life. 



When Ed's blind date takes a supremely disastrous turn, Ed is forced to face the possibility, now on the cusp of thirty, that he'll forever be single unless he deals with his sexual inexperience. He turns to his friends to help him move forward. But Ed is blind to the truth about those closest to him, and won't find happiness until he conquers his chronic self image issues. 




When Robyn discovers a mysterious bouquet of red roses outside her bedroom, she embarks on a mission to find out who gave them to her. As she attempts to extract information from her nearest and dearest, secrets start to emerge, forcing Robyn to come face to face with her own personal demons.


Damian Locke, a bohemian photographer, finds himself out of his depth and heavily in debt with loan sharks. He makes a bargain with London’s star art collector to photograph an enigmatic model to discover  the secret of the Silverlight. The job will take him on a psychological journey of self discovery about what it means to photograph real death. 

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