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Screen Rebels Showcase: Episode III


Our third showcase will present especially adapted short film screenplays for a live performance.


Everyone has role models but some people have worse roles models than others. Amber, a 23 year-old struggling with adulthood, is a silver service waitress obsessed with her boss Victoria who drinks too much and leads a profligate lifestyle that Amber can’t afford. When Amber gets a little too tipsy at one of Victoria’s soirées, a Ming vase crashes to the floor and changes both their lives forever.

All her life Kerry Kane has distanced herself from her parent’s belief in mysticism, but when the homicidal demon, Syranayoth takes possession of her girlfriend, Kerry’s forced to enter a world she’s refused to believe in. Her only hope lies in the hands of a crazy quixotic wizard, Dickie Dee, who says his powers come from an invisible purple fox demon, the Ezerfox. But if he’s to defeat the demon, Kerry has to start believing … 


A dark, surreal comedy about Emma, who is stuck in an unsatisfactory entanglement with her long distance boyfriend, Sam. His devotion has been slacking off, while with her local lover, Liam, is only a lukewarm fumble around.  But then an unlikely helper, her snappy vagina, – who is not devoid of ulterior motives – finally sets Emma on a path of enlightenment to make her realize the way to happiness.  Beware, explicit language between genitals!

Over The Edge is a psychological thriller following Oliver, a charismatic and cruel motivational coach who finds in Amelia - a young woman with low self-esteem, and her family - torn apart by the recent death of the father, his source of sick entertainment. Manipulating her youthful emotions, Oliver drives Amelia to execute his malicious plan.


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