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Screen Rebels Showcase: Episode I


Our first showcase presented three especially adapted short film screenplays for a live performance. All three scripts have been written and edited by Goldsmiths Screenwriting MA Alumni. Below we've included the synopsis for each story. 


A Political Drama
By Lorenzo Fantini

The Leader and his Wife, elected on the pledge to follow a new Humanitarian Creed following a heartrending personal loss, face their first crisis. The People's hero, Our Steve, is a hostage marked for execution. Our Steve's Wife wants The Leader to save her hushand's life. The Leader is torn between his own wife's desire to save Our Steve and the demands of the king making Advisor who has other ideas. The Leader must make an impossible choice with only bad options. 

A Supernatural Drama
By Adrian Bellido

Victor is a solitary sex doll-maker, who lives isolated in his remote house house endlessly creating flawless sex dolls. Over the years, Victor has developed a relationship with Eve, his most prized creation, a stunning sex doll. When she magically comes to life, Victor discovers that his controlling personality and objectification of women is the cause of his loneliness. he'll need to change if he ever wants to attain meaningful  love. 

A New York Drama Comedy
By Kaethe Cherney

Constance is a forty-something wannabe-singer who likes to brag about her past fifteen-minutes of fame. When a drinks bender with her best friend, Mary, costs Constance her job, they fall out and she takes a waitressing gig. When Mary comes to Constance's workplace to announce she's in love, she dares Constance to sing there and then. The act of doing this thing she's forever postponing makes Constance realise that some dreams are behind her, while more tangible ones lie ahead. 

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