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The Brighton Showcase


Our Brighton showcase is going to allow us the opportunity to share with a new audience some of our wonderful plays from the last six months.


In the near future, Dr Iain Harrison, a driven scientist, is about to embark on one of mankind's greatest scientific achievements: first teleportation. The lack of knowledge of this fringe science, however, will prove costly and Iain will have to risk everything to survive if he is to see his beloved wife, Anna, again. A sci-fi drama in the tradition of the classic anthology show, The Twilight Zone.


The Glass Sisters are the hottest political ticket in London. But when the principled Natalie decides to run against her limelight-seeking sister, Helen, for the Party leadership, she risks fracturing family and Party unity. Will she be able to make the tough choices needed to win and prove conniving Party Grandee, Albert Orlando wrong about the nature of power?


Rosemary and the eccentric Dr Brian strive to create a sex free world on his remote island clinic. But when Gun, a sex addicted pop star, arrives for Dr Brian’s abstinence program, Rosemary begins an awakening of desire that will draw her to Mother Earth herself. The Goddess is determined to prove that you can’t fight your true nature – the world’s natural state is to be unrestrainedly obsessed with sex!

A dark, surreal comedy about Emma, who is stuck in an unsatisfactory entanglement with her long distance boyfriend, Sam. His devotion has been slacking off, while with her local lover, Liam, is only a lukewarm fumble around.  But then an unlikely helper, her snappy vagina, – who is not devoid of ulterior motives – finally sets Emma on a path of enlightenment to make her realize the way to happiness.  Beware, explicit language between genitals!


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