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Walk With Me


Written by Lorenzo Fantini & Kai Henderson

Directed by Lorenzo Fantini

Original Score & Sound Effects by Kai Henderson

Starring Grace Hendy and Kai Henderson

Produced by Julian Champion & Alida Pantone

A headstrong witch decides to break free from her domineering mentor when his magical ability to walk the dark path between worlds becomes a dangerous obsession.

Kai (Screen Rebels co-director & co-writer) and I always loved playing in the world of the supernatural and, personally, I’ve always been fascinated by the effects of future shock in the modern world and the desire to find salvation in the unexplained or the more holistic world of the occult. It’s something I become acutely aware of in recent years with the number of advertisements I see online for healing, crystals, tarot, etc. As a society, we’re becoming disillusioned with mechanisms of corporatism and globalization. On a personal level, we’re seeking answers from non-conventional sources in the search for personal enlightenment and salvation. 

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